Jeep Drive through the High Passes of Pakistan

Karakoram Inn, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan
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20 Days

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No. of Days: 20
Best Season: May to Oct 
Maximum Elevation: 4733 meters 
Mountain Range: Hindu Kush, Karakoram, Himalayas 
Islamabad, Pakistan’s modern capital and older twin city of Rawalpindi, to the North-West Frontier which neighbors with Afghanistan. Peshawar’s old city bazaars and markets jumbled together creates an impression of being transported back in time – our of the 20th century into another era. Chitral Valley with the unique Kalash (known as the Wearers of Black Robes) – a remaining minority of approximately 3500 people living in three isolated, beautiful valleys. To make a responsible, low-impact effect on this fragile culture our groups will be small and accompanied by a local Kalash guide. With your guide you will be able to observe and mix with the friendly Kalash, including their magnificently dressed women, in a more comfortable, less obtrusive manner.

The program in Kalash Valley is unstructured to enable you to enjoy the people and area according to your interests – be it gentle strolls through villages and along tree-lined irrigation channels, to walks to high summer grazing fields at the end of the valleys or the long, strenuous walks over high passes to neighboring Kalash valleys. Further to the trade city of Northern area’s “Gilgit”, in the land of hunzakurts and into China. Return from China to Islamabad via KKH to Chilas and drive back to Islamabad via Babusar pass, Kaghan – Naran valley and into Islamabad via Murregila hills.

No. of Days: 15 
Best Season: May to Oct 
Mountain Range: Hindu Kush, Karakoram, Himalayas

A Jeep-Safari across the northern of Pakistan excites the imagination. It is a journey through the corridors of history in a land of strong contrasts and fascinating people.
The most outstanding feature of our novel trips is that the latter not only visit cities and towns but also penetrate into isolated regions, over jeep-trails where only 4-wheel-drive vehicles can ply. These remote areas have not yet suffered too much from the clashes with modern culture. Isolation has preserved a way of life that has disappeared elsewhere.  Here, one can still find traditional folk-life and cultures preserved in the festivals, customs and traditions of the friendly and hospitable peoples inhabiting these areas.



Days Programe
01 Islamabad
02 Peshawar
03 Khyber Pass Excursion
04 Swat
05 Madyan and Bahrain excursion
06 Chitral
07 Bomboret
08 Mastuj
09 Phander
10 Gilgit
11 Karimabad
12 Khunjerab Pass
13 Chilas
14 Naran
15 Excursion Saful-Maluk
16 Shogran
17 Islamabad
20 Departure
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Karakoram Inn, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan


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