The world highest peaks:

There are 14 more then eight thousand peaks in the world, 5 are in Pakistan 8 are in Napal, and one is in china, these famous peaks are the world attraction for climbers trekkers and mountain lovers.
The famous peaks are lying on these mountain ranges of different countries in Asia.


K-2 (8611m) Karakorum- Nanga Parbat 8126m Himalaya- Gasherbrum I 8068m Karakorum- Gasherbrum II 8035 m Karakorum- Broad Peak 8047m Karakorum.


Sagar Matta (Everest) Himalaya 8848m- Kangihun Jumga 8586m- Anaparna 8091m- Dha Lagire 8167m-Chooyo 8201m- Lhotse 8511m- Makalu 8463m- Mansulu 8163m- China Shishapangma Panor 8027m-
The above mentioned peaks are climbed bravely from different time, Goodwin Austen and his party has a great contribution, also T.G Mentugmeries and Rcf Shamberg who have Explored the great mountain ranges in Asia.

We are thankful to the Italian Expeditions and Explorers with whom’s Excellent work the world attraction composed to these mightily peaks. However Renatu Kasarato Lichlli. The first climber of K-2 and Harman Buhl, the first climber of Nanga Parbet cannot be forgotten until and unless the mountaineering Expedition will exist, Or those Expeditions who have climbed these peaks con not be forgotten in the next Generations until when this interest will end.

The pride has been received by many Pakistanis, which the majorities are from Hunza valley.
Most probably there are many Pakistan or European, young generation, who are interested to climb these peaks, Due to Economic reasons they cannot afford.  The future of these are very bright for tourism industry to help people in the Remote Area in Asia.
It is true that the Economy can be up graded with tourism industry in Asia as well as in Pakistan.

Highest Summits in Pakistan

5 summits more than 8000 m high – 137 Summits more than 7000 m high
01K2 (Godwin Austen)8611 m02Karakoram35.5376.31
02Nanga Parbat8126 m09Himalaya35.1474.35
03Gasherbrum I (Hidden)8068 m11Karakoram35.4376.42
04Broad Peak8047 m12Karakoram35.4876.34
05Gasherbrum II8035 m14Karakoram35.4576.39
06Gasherbrum III7952 m15Karakoram35.4576.38
07Gasherbrum IV7925 m17Karakoram35.4576.37
08Distaghil Sar7885 m20Karakoram36.2075.13
09Kunyang7852 m22Karakoram36.1275.13
10Masherbrum7821 m24Karakoram35.3776.19
11Rakaposhi (Domani)7788 m27Karakoram36.0974.29
12Batura I7785 m28Karakoram36.3274.32
13Kanjut Sar7760 m29Karakoram36.1375.25
14Saltoro Kangri7742 m33Karakoram35.2376.51
15Trivor7720 m36Karakoram36.1775.06
16Tirich Mir7708 m41Hindu Kush36.1371.30
17Chogolisa I7668 m47Hindu Kush35.3376.34
18Chogolisa II7654 m46Karakoram35.3376.34
19Shishpare7619 m49Karakoram36.2674.42
20Batura V7544 m58Karakoram36.3374.32
21Tirich Mir W I7500 m67Hindu Kush36.1371.49
22Tirich Mir W II7498 m68Hindu Kush36.1371.49
23Pumari7492 m69Karakoram36.1375.15
24K127468 m73Karakoram35.1777.01
25Teram Kangri7463 m74Karakoram35.3477.05
26Malubiting Ouest7453 m76Karakoram36.0174.53
27Sia Kangri7422 m79Karakoram35.3477.05
28Teram Kangri II7406 m82Karakoram35.3477.05
29Haramosh7406 m84Karakoram35.3477.05
30Istoro Nal7403 m85Hindu Kush35.3076.47
31Batura VI7400 m86Karakoram36.3374.32
32Yukshin Gardan7400 m87Karakoram36.1275.14
33Ultar I7388 m88Karakoram36.2374.43
34Teram Kangri III7381 m90Karakoram35.3677.03
35Sherpi Kangri7380 m91Karakoram35.2776.47
35 is mentioned in the list, for others contact us. 

Medium Range Climbers 6000 m –7000 m

We introduce with pleasure for medium range climbers. The peaks ranging 6000m to 7000m in all region of great mountains. Our team have explored defferent peaks in the above mentioned ranges and offers for mountains lovers and climbers. The great opportunity, we provide to reach the base camp with all our equipment’s and have technical person, with their climbing experience we can easily reach to the summi.

The peaks of these ranges you need Liaison officer from Alpine club of Pakistan. Royalty which is not higher then above 7000 mto 8000m peaks. Paying permit fee, you just contact us, we do all for you. You are informing through KAH that visa will be issued at any place you get enter in Pakistan, you will get your visa in the entrance point. You do not need to do police registration, all documents will fulfil in the entrance. Whether border crossing or international airports. Our team is going to explore more for you as well As we are in struggle.

S.No.NameMax AltitudeClosed with Range
01BATURA GROUP7000 MBatura 1Karakorum
02LAILA PEAK6986 MHaramoshiDo
03LATOKS III6949 MBiafo GlacierDo
04HACHINDER CHISH6940 MRakaposhi (7788m)Do
05URDUKAS PEAK6908 MBaltoro GlacierDo
07CHONGRA6828 MNanga Parbat (8126m)Himalaya
08PHU PURUSH  PEAK6824 MMalubutingKarakorum
09CHORICHO PEAK6756 MPaiyu Peak (6610m)Do
10BIALE PEAK6729 MTrango TowerDo
11MANI PEAK6685 MHaramoshiDo
12KOZ SAR6677 MChilinji GlacierDo
13HARAMOUSH PEAK6666 MHaramoshi GlacierDo
14PAIYU PEAK6610 MBaltoro GlacierDo
15GANALO PEAK6608 MNanga Parbat (8126m)Himalaya
16HUNCHBACK6553 MMasherbrum (7821m)Karakorum
17BUNI ZOM6551 MTrich GlacierHindu Kush
18KHANIBASA PEAK6500 MBaifo GlacierKarakorum
23MARBLE PEAK6256 MBaltoro GlacierDo
25MITRE PEAK6010 MK-2 ConcordiaDo
26LEADAY FINGE6000 MUltar Peak (7388m)Do