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The Wild Boar is found up to 900m (3.000ft) elevation in the Margalla Hills and around Kahuta and in the Murree foothills and throughout the Punjab and Sind down to the Indus mouth. It occurs west of the Indus around Peshawar, Mardan, Banu, & Dera Ismail Khan and the increase in sugar cane cultivation has favored the species in all these latter regions, wild boars of all ages finding shelter in the standing crops. Wild boars are also found in very large numbers in Salt Range, Kala Chitta Hills and Attock district.


The spread of irrigation in Pakistan and the development of irrigated forest plantations have favored the increase of wild boars in the Punjab, where they became a serious agricultural pest and still are at the present time despite government and farmers efforts to control them. reports in the 1990s indicate their numbers have again increased.


The wild boars population was estimated to be greatest in Mianwali district, probably because of the extensive development of irrigated forest plantations. Same position is also in the oldest forest plantation at Changa Manga. In the sugar cane growing tracts of north-east Punjab, much higher population densities were calculated, based on beating sugar cane crops and conducting surveys within measured areas, reaching 32.2 animals per sq. km. in Mananwala in Sheikupura Dist., in a waterlogged areas with much reed cover and rice cultivation.


Wild boars are fecund animals, as well as being adaptable and resourceful and remain a significant pest especially to growing sugar cane and in any areas adjacent to forest plantations. Since wild boars are abhorrent to Muslims on religious grounds, this adds to the difficulty of conducting any control measures. Wild boars are, forth more, quite fearless in the presence of humans and wild boars have long been recognized as dangerous and aggressive animals worthy of huntsman’s skill.


We are organizing day hunt on driven wild boars with well-trained beaters and dogs under the supervision of professional hunters and assistance of hunting guides. Our hunts are arranged in exclusive areas with the special permission from the Punjab government in the open game areas. We can also arrange wild boar hunts in the game reserves with the special permission from wild life department of the Punjab government. The Punjab province is a land of five rivers. There’s no place in the world where a hunter can find more wild boars than in the land of five rivers out of which Indus is the biggest.


Wild boar is declared as a pest because it is destroying at least 15% to 20% of the crops. The vast fields of sugar cane give this fast breeding beast enough food and shelter almost around the year except after harvesting. Then the wild boar has to return to its original cover in the grass land jungles near the rivers and the irrigated plantations which are surrounded by agriculture. The best wild boar hideouts even exit in the romantic salt range mountains which are known to us. The best trophy we shot up to now was about 9 and a half inches. More than 18% of all boars are male trophies.


The good hunting spots are endless in our hunting grounds. Come and put your footprints there right next to the footprints of those boars who are roaming around therein. Come and hunt with us. We guarantee you a thrilling and successful hunting adventure with professional hunters. Safe and sure according to the wild boar hunting standard of the world class hunting. In every hunting season, hunters are coming from overseas and successfully hunting in the Wild Boar hunting fields.

Things to know:

Hunting Season: October to March
Special Packages are available for solo hunts.
Guns and Rifles: Shot guns semi automatic and shot guns/rifles, combined rifles and rifle with common hunting caliber are allowed
Ammunition: maximum 100 rounds per hunter
Equipment: normal hunting dress, sleeping bag, portable hunting seat, tough boots, binoculars.
Type of Hunting: Beating with beaters, dogs, and crackers, stalking/spotlight hunt. Hunters don’t have to walk much so senior hunters are welcome.
Weather: In the day time its pleasant and at night is cold about 20-25 degrees centigrade.
Hunting Area: Central Punjab. Hunting will be along the rivers’ sides, irrigated plantations, forests, cane grass, small hills, moorlands, river islands, sugar cane fields, and mixed good lands.
We need at least 4 weeks for clearance of hunters for processing the permission for wild boar hunts.
Jackal and Indian Porcupine hunts are also available round the year.


Wild Boar Day hunt with beaters and dogs (7-Days)

GROUP SIZE – Minimum 4, Maximum 9 members
4 to 7 beats per day
SEASON – from October to March

Day 1 Arrival in Islamabad and further transfer to hunting area
Day 2 Hunt from 8.a.m. to 4:30.p.m.
Day 3 Hunt from 8.a.m. to 4:30.p.m
Day 4 Hunt from 8.a.m. to 4:30.p.m.
Day 5 Hunt from 8.a.m. to 4:30.p.m
Day 6 Hunt from 8.a.m to 4:30.p.m
Day 7 Transfer to Islamabad for departure to hunter destination


Wild Boar spotlight hunting (6-Days)

GROUP SIZE – Minimum 2, Maximum 3 members
Solo Hunting is also possible
SEASON – Around the year

Day 1 AArrival in Islamabad and further transfer to hunting area.
Day 2 3 to 4 trips at night with guide and spotlight by jeep
Day 3 3 to 4 trips at night with guide and spotlight by jeep
Day 4 3 to 4 trips at night with guide and spotlight by jeep.
Day 5 3 to 4 trips at night with guide and spotlight by jeep
Day 6 Transfer to Islamabad for departure to hunter destination.
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Punjab, Pakistan


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