k2 8611m Expedition

Karakoram Inn, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan
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K2 (Chogori) 8611m the second highest mountain on earth. Chogori means the king of mountains in Balti language. This name is little known in the outside world.

K2 is a rocky mountain up to 6,000m, beyond which it becomes an ocean of snow. K2 is situated on the Pak-China border in the mighty Karakorams. The traditional route to K2’s base camp goes from Skardu, which is linked with Islamabad by a good road. From Skardu the route goes via Shigar-Dassu-Askole up to Concordia over the Baltoro glacier.

It was in 1887 the 1st British surveyor came to this region from Kashmir via Brogil Pass, Goodwin Austen discovered peaks and glaciers in this area. It was 1st Expedtion.
It was 1st expedition in 1902 led by Oscar-J-L Eckevstien, who attempt K-2 but because of harsh weather they couldn’t get on the summit, they collected information for next expedition.

In 1909 an Italian expedition led by Duke of Abruzi the grand son of King victor emomuel 2nd of Italy attempted K-2, they couldn’t succeed, the climbing route Abruzi ridge from South east face are on his name and after him many expeditions from different countries tried without success.
Lino Lacedelli and Achille Compagnoni reached the summit and became the first K-2 climbers in the world, after his success; there are many climbers who climbed K-2 one by one on different faces.




Days Program Night
01 Arrival in Islamabad H
02 Islamabad – Skardu or Chilas if no flight H
03 Chilas – Skardu H
04 Skardu  (free day) H
05 Skardu to Askoli (by jeep) C
06 Trek to Jhola C
07 Trek to Paiyu C
08 Rest day at Paiyu C
09 Trek to Urdukas C
10 Trek to Goro C
11 Trek to k2 Basecamp C
12-52 Reserved for climbing activities C
53- 56 Return to Askoli C
57 Drive to Skadu H
58 Drive to Chilas H
59 Drive to Islamabad H
60 De-briefing at ministry of tourism H
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Karakoram Inn, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan


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