As the Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Tourism made open (free) to climb the peaks up to 6500M without climbing permit (without paying of the royalty of peak) for two years 2003 and 2004 in order to promote the trekking and mountaineering in Pakistan.

There are several spectacular peaks below 6500M among the ranges of the Himalayas, the Karakoram, the Hindu-Kush and the Pamir in the trekking routes. These peaks are called trekking peaks and open to climb, for which royalty, climbing permit, liaison officer and other formalities are NOT required.  If the peak is situated in the restricted area then you need the trekking permit from the Ministry of Tourism through a Government licensed agency with paying fee, which is 50 US dollar per person. It is also requires to hire licensed guide, buy a personal accident insurance policy also for porters and cook, will attend the mandatory briefing and de-briefing at the Ministry of Tourism.

There are a lot of such peaks, which are still unclimbed and nameless, some are technically difficult too. “Karakoram Adventure Holidays Treks, Tours, Safaries & Expeditions ” is pleased to propose you the climbing expeditions on below 6500M peaks in various regions of the trekking routes. In Shimshal Valley, Pir Peak 6363m, Chkorin Sar 6500M, Mingil Sar 6050M, Sonia peak 6300M, Adver Sar 6400M and etc. In Hunza Valley, Hunza Peak 6270m, Bomulimoting 6000m, Koksil Peak 6483M, Sakar Sar 6272M and many more.

In Skardu, Trango Group (highest rock walls on earth, Trango Tower 6239M, Great Trango, Trango), Uli Hiafo Tower 5597M and  Peak 6417M, Lobsang Peak 6225M, Mitre 6010M, Urducex Peaks 6320M, 6280M, 6130M, Namika Peak 6295, Vigne Peak 6230M, Cristal Peak 6252M, Marble Peak 6256M, Lupke Brakk 6030M, Brandu Brakk 6000M, Uzun Brakk 6422M, Khani Basa Sar 6500M, Markrong Chhish 6340M, Biange 6431M and etc. and many more in the Hindu Raj, mostly virgin peaks there.

List of Some Peaks Below 6500M

S.NoName of PeakHeight
1Trango Tower6239m
2Trango Ri6300m
3Ulibiaho Tower5597m
4Ulibiaho Peak6417m
5Moni Peak6060m
6Lobsang Peak6225m
7Lobsang Spire5707m
10Urdukas Peaks6320m, 6280m, 6130m
12Vigne Peak6230m
13Cristal Peak6252m
14Marble Peak6256m
17Skyang Peak6340m
18Durbin Peak6250m
19Sliver Throne6500m
20Nera Peak6340m
24Lupke Brakk6029m
25Brandu Brakk6000m
26Uzun Brakk6422m
27Pamshi Peak6000m
28Khani Basa Sar6500m
29Ice Cake6400m
30Makrong Chhish6340m
31Akbar Gang6218m
32Bubli Motin6000m
33Huns Peak6270m
34Saruchit Sar6100m
35Ani Kucho6160m
36Monk’s Head6340m
38Lukpe Lawo6500m