Biafo-Hispar Snow Lake Trek

Biafo Glacier and Hispar glacier with total length of 126 km and longest out side the Polar Regions. They meet at the 5,150 meters high Hispar pass. This immense high way of ice and stones connects- the antique kingdoms of Nagar in west and Askoli (little Tibet) in east.
This route was extensively used to connect silk route with Indian sub continent, China and Tibet. Mr. H.W Tilman an English trekker claimed in 1937 that he had seen the foot prints of yeti on the glacier. The same way used to serve for people of Hunza to invade Askoli, which latter served as a more progressive way between Hunza and Askoli as the people of Hunza come over to Askoli to play POLO with the people of Askoli.
This life-long experience ends at the beautiful Hunza Valley; the Valley of Eternal Youth & home of the most progressive people as compared to other parts of Northern Areas. In Karimabad, we visit Altit and Baltit Forts and enjoy the view from the roof-top of the Baltit fort which is an unforgettable experience. The people of Hunza are known for their longevity in the world. Glaciologists after conducting tests on the snow lake confirmed that the thickness of snow is one mile deep. Here one can observe the rare species of animals in abundance like snow leopards, Himalayan bears, Ibex, Markhore and some times the Marco polo Sheep.


Day 01

 Arrive in Rawalpindi

Day 02

 Rawalpindi - Chilas

Day 03

 Chilas - Skardu

Day 04

 Skardu - Askoli

Day 05

 Askoli - Namla

Day 06

 Namla – Mango

Day 07

 Mango - Biantha

Day 08

 Biantha rest day

Day 09

 Biantha - Marfogoro

Day 10

 Marfogoro – Snow Lake

Day 11

 Snow lake rest day

Day 12

 Snow lake-Hispar base

Day 13

 Hispar la – Hispar base

Day 14

 Hispar base – khani base

Day 15

 Khani base - Yutmaru

Day 16

 Yutmaru – Pumari Chhish

Day 17

 Pumari Chhish – Bitanmal

Day 18

 Bitanmal – Hispar

Day 19

 Hispar village - Karimabad

Day 20

 Karimabad – Gilgit

Day 21

 Gilgit – Basham

Day 22

 Basham – Islamabad

Day 23

 Fly to next destination